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  • How do I buy a Cargo Cabin?
    1st step: is choose your favorite cabin model 2nd step: contact us via email/ phone call or social media (to discuss your tinyhouse use and available models on our site) 3rd step: you decide what is best fit for you and we send you a docusign purchase agreement or you come to our site. ( you will need to find your own municipality codes and permitting process, if any) 4th step: you read over your agreement and if its correct we move forward with a 30% downpayment via your choice of payment option. 5th step: 7-13 days later you will receive an email and phone call confirming delivery the day after phone call. 6th step: Make final payment before MonopolyAframe is dropped off at new location. 7th step: at this point you would know if we are doing your utility connections or if you decide to hire a local contractor, but this is a ready to live in Tinyhouse at drop off. 8th step: Enjoy the tiny in any venture or personal-use you want to use it to give shelter.
  • Can I build a Custom MonopolyAframe
    Short answer Yes.... Long answer, yes you can get a custom build, 2 choices A: you get a custom home build and you basically are hiring a builder with a retainer just to design the home for you than we bid the design and if agreed on price we build for you. The design price for engineered and architectural drawings starts at $5,000 and if we build for you that is rolled in to the price of the Build. second option Our floor plans can be customized, doors and windows can be rearranged to your location of choice, Kitchen and Restroom to remain in the same area on either of our models. This is only a small change m uch more affordable with minimum to no extra charge, download our layout or screenshot it and just edit where you'd like your door and windows email us, and we will get back to you with in 24hrs email us at
  • Does Cargo Cabins build units for rental campgrounds
    Yes, we design units for campgrounds, your own custom MonopolyAframe design with multiple units (6 or more) and we have a lead time of 8-12 weeks after we finalize design. You can design communal area with bathroom an kitchen and many smaller studio units for sleeping areas without plumbing for better quotes.
  • Can we finance our MonopolyAframe
    Yes, we work with First Financial Bank to finance your tinyhome or tinyhomes. You can apply by hitting the button below Interest rates start at 9%
  • How do I become a Dealer for Cargo-Cabins
    If you're interested in becoming a dealer please email us at
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